DevOps Engineer

Joining the Mobility Hub team as DevOps Engineer, you will develop and implement DevOps strategies and Continuous Delivery pipelines for the delivery functions. You will be accountable for defining and implementing the appropriate infrastructure, tools and processes to support continues delivery of change. You will be key in maturing our organisation in continuous delivery and help with implementing the processes to ensure high availability and quality.

The Mobility Hub delivers the TUI Mobile App (TDA) for multiple countries across Europe and has a commitment to deliver to all markets at a high level of quality and stability on a reliable and frequent basis. The scope and growth of the TDA is ever increasing and the ability to implement a continuous delivery pipeline that provides a stable delivery process is essential.

Our strategic approach to use a cloud platform for hosting our software means it is essential that you have a strong core knowledge as the DevOps Engineer will help define and implement a scalable continuous delivery strategy to support our rapid development and high availability systems.

Demonstrate ability to:

  • Implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies
  • Understand, implement, and automate security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation
  • Define and deploy monitoring, metrics, and logging systems
  • Implement systems that are highly available, scalable, and self-healing
  • Design, manage, and maintain tools to automate operational processes
  • Version Control and Branch Management with Git.


Working knowledge of AWS best practices including:

  • AWS Services: Compute and Network, Storage and CDN, Database, Analytics, Application Services, Deployment using CloudFormation templates, and Management
  • Overview of Security Processes
  • Storage Options in the Cloud
  • Defining Fault Tolerant Applications in the AWS Cloud
  • Overview of Amazon Web Services
  • Experience with containerization
  • Infrastructure as code


Specific DevOPS skills:

  • Minimum of two years hands-on experience with production Mobile Apps (iOS, Android) and AWS systems
  • Effective use of Auto Scaling
  • Monitoring and logging. Be able to setup agents and alerts. Experience with proactive maintenance.
  • Security reporting.
  • FTP Server, knowledge of (s)ftp transfers and servers, passive/active mode, scripting ftp, etc.
  • AWS security features and best practices
  • Design of self-healing and fault-tolerant services
  • Techniques and strategies for maintaining high availability


Specific Mobile Apps skills:

  • App Store Deployments (App Store, Google Play Store).
  • iOS Code Signing and Provisioning.
  • Xcode Command Line Tools.
  • Android SDK Command Line Tools.
  • Gradle Build Tools.
  • Buddybuild
  • HockeyApp


General IT Skill and Competency:

  • Networking concepts
  • Strong system administration (Linux/Unix)
  • Strong scripting skillset (Bash, Python)
  • Multi-tier architectures: load balancers, caching, web servers, application servers, databases, and networking
  • Templates and other configurable items to enable automation
  • Deployment tools and techniques in a distributed environment
  • Basic monitoring techniques in a dynamic environment
  • Containerization
  • Good understanding of complex multi-tier environments, platforms and components

As a DevOps Engineer you will work closely with Delivery team to define continuous delivery approach, availability metrics, define acceptance criteria and implement the deployment pipelines to support the delivery of change into production. You will work with Delivery to ensure there is a consistent approach to deployment and high availability is maintained. You will remove opportunities for human error and implement highly repeatable deployment approaches.

You will work with Test Automation Team to ensure the appropriate automation test are developed and executed, providing high visibility of quality and functional acceptance of change.

You will work with the Tech Lead community to define Continuous Integration strategy and ensure high quality code is delivered into our integrated test environments. You will be accountable for the continuous deployment process, associated tools, adherence to principles and adoption to good practice across all the delivery functions.

Within this role you will maintain core deployment pipelines and continuously improve quality. You will report on key service metrics relating to availability, usage, utilisation, savings, deployment and through-put.

You will work to implement the Continuous Delivery strategy, implement the required controls and to support Continuous Integration, Test automation and Continuous Deployment across IT Engineering.

  • Create and maintain automated build processes including, build scripts, build machines, self-service and nightly builds, build artefacts and storage, build on commit, dependency repositories, secured config, triggered builds, build clusters, virtual machine builds and gated commits
  • Create and maintain automated deployment processes including, deployment scripts, self-service deployments, standardised auto deploys through sprint, test, sit, pat and prod deployments, standardised cross-environment cross-application cross-infrastructure multi-tier build processes, test gated automation promotions, database deployments and cascading continuous deployments
  • Create and maintain automated test processes including test automation, execution at build time, static analysis, functional nightly and triggered tests, code coverage, security scans and risk based manual testing
  • Create and maintain automated reporting processes including tool generated reports, syndication of automated reports, historical cross silo reporting, report trending and deep cross silo analysis

Creation of an organisation wide vision for DevOps, including transformation of applications and infrastructure. Drive roadmaps and cultural change for the adoption of DevOps practices