The birth of the TUI CLOUD summit

Logo TUI Cloud Summit

You're sitting with colleagues in a meeting in which a cloud solution for monitoring tomorrow's infrastructure is presented and think to yourself I've heard that before - just a little different? I asked myself: Why are we at TUI developing several cloud solutions in parallel? Why don't we talk to each other to find one solution together?

The journey into the cloud has already begun in many parts of the TUI Group. At the Hanover location alone, there are numerous teams that all specialize in the topic, but unfortunately have not yet met to exchange ideas. Above all, one thing was missing - a platform.

Already during this meeting I had an idea how to solve the problem: We are organizing a Cloud Summit, similar to AWS, just for TUI. During the event, colleagues from different areas should have the opportunity to present their solutions. The participating colleagues benefit by seeing what already exists in the group and for which problems no further solutions need to be worked out. The Summit should also call for even better solutions to be worked on together and thus achieve an overarching goal: strengthen the "OneTUI" idea.

After my idea was immediately accepted at the highest level, we built a team to organize and realize the event. Everything picked up speed very quickly. We had to find a date, recruit speakers, create a logo for the summit and much more. We were quickly able to attract special guests such as Elke Reichart (Chief Digital Officer TUI Group & Chief Executive Officer TUI InfoTec) as keynote speakers, as well as specialists at all levels, from strategy to technical detail levels. We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all the speakers and participants who made this event a great one. 

...and what does the future hold for the TUI Cloud Summit? A further summit is already being planned and should also be open to our colleagues in the UK, Nordic, the Netherlands and the rest of the TUI Group. TUI UK also organized a similar event in June. We will therefore try to organize a major joint event in the future - also to allow the TUI Group to grow closer together. In this way, time and resources can be saved and real TUI solutions can be developed.

I am already looking forward to the next Summit.

Sven Becker (IT Process Manager)