Cloud Technology


"TUI's infrastructure is currently spread over more than 20 of its own managed data centres. Maintenance and complexity are very high and the infrastructure is not available on demand. Infrastructure costs and speed of deployment thus affect our competitiveness. With the cloud and other technologies, we want to bring new, profitable functions to the market faster.

The advantages of cloud computing for TUI are that our employees can concentrate more on developing, deploying and managing solutions and thus achieve greater added value. To deliver the right level of infrastructure to projects at competitive costs, we take a standardized approach with a cloud provider. This allows projects to be launched and completed faster, for example, by reducing the time required to deploy the infrastructure and leveraging the innovation of cloud manufacturers to our advantage.

Increased speed, agility, flexibility and cost transparency are our vision.

In projects, development, test, UAT and production environments are provided in one day. This means fully viable end-to-end environments for continuous development, including a ready-to-run dev sec ops infrastructure and standard functional and performance tests that generate reports. This way, projects that deliver automated reporting right from the beginning are created. Projects can choose from a wide range of technologies as long as they meet the agreed API, big data and cloud standards.

For TUI, this means that applications and platforms can be automatically and sustainably scaled as needed. Wherever possible, services between our cloud providers must be delivered, executed and migrated at all times in a way that is transparent to the customer. In addition, proof of compliance and data protection policies can be provided. Cloud technology automates the deployment, configuration, monitoring, alerting and lifecycle management of applications and platforms.

What are we doing?

A company-wide, international program therefore focuses on the migration of all applications from our own data centers to a cloud environment. It also looks at the extent to which these applications can be optimized before or after migration to leverage the economies of scale and benefits of the cloud even more efficiently. In doing so, we take special care to convert the applications to a cloud-native approach using serverless and container technologies.

Agile working methods (Scrum) are used in many parts of the program. By the frequent exchange and looking back on a manageable period of time - usually 2 weeks - (small) results are achieved fast, it is easier to measure successes, but also to see if something goes in the wrong direction.

Lifelong learning:

Our world is spinning faster and faster and technologies are constantly evolving. Without continuous education and on-the-job training, it is impossible to stay up-to-date – that’s why our employees have access to a comprehensive range of training courses. And we of course look forward to every new colleague who already has knowledge, practical experience and know-how in these areas.

Have we aroused your interest? If you would like to join us on our journey to the cloud and actively support us, we look forward to receiving your application - you will find our current job advertisements in the "Cloud" section.”

Christian Rudolph | Group Platforms Lead