Digital Learning Alliances

Projekt "Digitale Lernallianzen"

In the working group "Digital Learning Alliances", Region Hannover has developed a project to bring together students and companies on the subject of digitalization. In this project, company representatives develop a task for young people with a focus on "digital" and show the students the changes in the working world caused by digitalization in their company.

We found this to be a great idea and, within the framework of the first of a total of four rounds, we developed a topic in a one-day preparatory workshop, with which we "commissioned" a group of students from the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium in Berenbostel. About two months later, the students came to our company in Hanover for a day, presented the results and got to know our company. It was a really exciting experience for us and the results we achieved are also impressive and are taken into account in our marketing activities.

Topic: Which social media does "Generation Z" use to inform itself about professions or companies?