Lunch & Learn - One hour, one subject, good food.

Lunch & Learn

Today we would like to give you a little insight into a great idea from colleagues at TUI InfoTec - the "Lunch & Learn" format.
This offer for interested employees of our IT organization in hanover has already taken place several times and has met with a good response. The idea behind it: To combine activities that are fun - eating pizza, learning from each other and getting to know new colleagues. 
The "corridor radio", which has always proved its worth, was used to find topics that were specifically geared to the needs of daily practice. The previous topics of the events varied from "Terraform" to "AWS" and "Ansible".
Thanks to comprehensive feedback from participants, this smaller format has grown into larger events, such as Cloud Day, to give even more colleagues the opportunity to find out about the top topics of our company's digital journey.
A big thank-you to all our colleagues, who contribute great ideas to an enriching working atmosphere.