Lead DevOps Engineer

Group Digital Platforms is responsible for group wide solutions to support the end to end customer journey at TUI. One of the key platforms to be supported is the TUI Mobile App (TDA) which is for multiple countries across Europe and has a commitment to deliver to all markets at a high level of quality and stability on a reliable and frequent basis. The scope and growth of the TDA is ever increasing and the ability to implement a continuous delivery pipeline that provides a stable delivery process is essential.

At TUI, we never stop looking ahead, seeking new ways to delight our customers and grow our business. We recognise the power of digital and the massive contribution this brings to creating a truly unique and differentiated customer experience.

TUI Group is the world’s number one integrated tourism business. The Group umbrella consists of strong tour operators, 1,800 travel agencies and leading online portals, six airlines with more than 130 aircraft, over 300 hotels with 210,000 beds, twelve cruise liners and countless incoming agencies in all major holiday destinations around the globe.  All this enables us to provide our 30 million customers with an unmatched holiday experience in 180 regions.

In order to be considered for this position we are seeking candidates with experience of the following:

  • AWS migration
  • Deployed mobile app (iOS and/or Android apps)
  • Configuration management with Ansible, Chef or Puppet
  • Monitored large number of services with Prometheus and/or Dynatrace
  • Developed Node.js apps
  • Managed a team of DevOps, Cloud/Platform engineers
  • Learn DevOps principles, culture and best practices and share it with your and other teams
  • Worked with distributed teams (we have offices everywhere in Europe but mostly works with Porto)


Desirable skills:

  • AWS certified
  • Elasticsearch and Kibana experience (EKL stack)
  • Develop iOS/Android apps or experience with Java, Kotlin and/or Swift
  • Kubernetes experience (cloud or bare-metal)
  • Attends regularly to Meetups about Docker, K8S, AWS, Hashicorp, etc.
  • GitHub account with open-source project(s) or good score in StackOverflow

Joining the Group Digital Platforms team as Lead DevOps, you will develop and implement DevOps strategies and Continuous Delivery pipelines for the delivery functions. You will be accountable for defining and implementing the appropriate infrastructure, tools and processes to support continuous delivery of change. You will be key in maturing our organisation in continuous delivery and help with implementing the processes to ensure high availability and quality.

How we do it:

  • Continuous integration with tests, code analysis (Sonarcloud) and build on pull request for fast feedback
  • Mobile apps UI automation on Mac Mini with Appium on real devices and simulators/emulators
  • Continuous deployment in five AWS environments
  • Docker micro-services deployed on ECS Fargate clusters on each AWS environments
  • CI/CD using Jenkins with EC2 slaves on-demand
  • Many internal tools written in Node.js Web apps or CLI, Python and recently Go
  • Every notification are coming to Slack
  • Automate everything we can automate
  • TV screens managed by RPi to show Grafana dashboards

Key technologies you will be working on:

  • AWS and GCP
  • Jenkins CI/CD (pipeline as code)
  • Docker on AWS ECS Fargate
  • Terraform for infrastructure as code
  • Prometheus (node exporter, blackbox, push gateway, etc.)
  • Grafana
  • Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash (EKL stack)
  • AWS Lambda
  • Linux Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS, etc.
  • Ansible and Chef to manage Mac Minis used for UI automation
  • Packer to manage the AWS AMI updates
  • Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket
  • Slack